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Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Smart Commute's Electric Bike (eBike) Program

Smart Commute (“SC”) is requesting Quotes from Vendors to supply twenty-five (25) eBikes and Accessory Kits (“purchases or equipment”), and Services in support of an eBike Program (“Program”) for low-income residents (“participants”) in Adams and Broomfield counties.

Important Dates

  • For questions about the RFQ, please submit no later than 3 p.m. on November 7, 2022, and include “eBike Quote Vendor Question” in the subject line. All Vendor questions will be anonymously posted along with Smart Commute’s responses here on this webpage by 5 p.m. on November 9, 2022.
  • To submit a Quote, please submit by 5 p.m. on November 11, 2022, and include “Vendor eBike Program Quote” in the subject line. Smart Commute will send a confirmation email that we receive your quote within 24-hours.

RFQ Questions and Answers

We received two questions about the RFQ from respondents. Answers are below.

Thanks for your interest in the RFQ. Regarding your question, Smart Commute pays for the eBikes and accessories, with a 90-day payment term per invoice. We distribute the eBikes to recipients in the Program.

Date of Inquiry: 11/3/2022. Date of Response: 11/8/2022.

Thank you for the questions about the eBike Program. Smart Commute is looking for a vendor to provide eBikes, basic accessories (I.e., helmets, bike pump, panniers, flat repair kit, etc.), and servicing (I.e., safety checks, annual tune-ups, repairs) for our Participants. For a bike manufacturer that can provide the eBikes but may not have relationships with local bike shops to provide servicing or accessories, Smart Commute would need to understand how your company interacts and solves problems with current customers when they are having issues with their bikes. We presume these might include online resources (I.e., how-to videos, video calls to troubleshoot issues, etc..) that we’d like to understand more about. Understanding a company’s response time to help bikers who may know little to nothing about how to fix a bike is important to us too, because we want our bikers to become self-sufficient in maintaining their bikes long-term. Servicing would also need to include information on how accessible bike parts are, should something break or malfunction and what is your approach to how it gets fixed. Regarding accessories, proposal can outline what comes standard, or in addition with the bike (I.e., lights, racks, panniers, etc..). If nothing comes standard, or your company can’t supply any accessories along with the bikes, then note this in your proposal. Regarding signing a confidentiality agreement, Smart Commute would need to review the document.

Date of Inquiry: 11/4/2022. Date of Response: 11/9/2022.

Important Definitions & Clarifications

  • “Vendor” means bike shop that Smart Commute will contract with to provide eBikes and basic accessories (equipment).
  • “eBike deployment” is when a group of participants are trained and pick-up their equipment.
  • “Services” mean trainings, eBike safety checks, and tune-ups.
  • “Training” means the vendor will show participants how to use the equipment and review basic bike safety, and rules of the road.
  • “Safety Checks” refer to already deployed Phase-II Participants who will be invited to all subsequent trainings for the vendor to perform free safety checks on their eBikes and to ask Program follow-up questions regarding, but not limited to, bike operations, safety, rules of the road, etc.

Special Notes and Requirements

  1. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is helping to fund the eBike Program and requires vendors to carry commercial general liability insurance (CGLI) and add the Regional Transportation District and Smart Commute Metro North to your CGLI insurance policy.
  2. Smart Commute anticipates at least five (5) eBike participants to deploy before the end of 2022 and that all 25 eBikes will deploy by the Spring of 2023. Quotes for all equipment shall be good through April 30th, 2023, and Service prices honored through September 2023.
  3. Vendor must be able to provide a net ninety (90) days payment for each invoice.
  4. Communications: All communications are handled through email to Jeanne Shreve, Smart Commute eBikes Program Manager at | 720.263.0106.
    NOTE: Vendors may only contact Jeanne by phone if an email confirmation is not received.