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Colorado State Highway 7 (CO7)

This project encompasses Colorado State Highway 7 (CO 7) between U.S. 85 in Brighton and 28th Street in Boulder. It consists of separate project segments from A-M. Each segment will begin in an early design phase (10-15%) and will work to identify the improvements that align with the corridor goals. Construction funding is still being identified. Once the study portion of the project is complete, the segments will move to the design phase and begin securing the funding. The purpose of this project is to improve traveler safety, improve personal travel efficiency and operations, and improve access to multimodal travel along a nearly 25 mile stretch of CO 7 between Brighton and Boulder. Multiple planning and feasibility studies have established the corridor’s future multimodal vision, including an integrated ultimate plan of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements supported by multimodal (roadway, bicycle and pedestrian) infrastructure and transit supportive land development at planned station areas.

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