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Wellness Tips for Teleworkers 

The working environment has changed forever. Once an alien concept, companies are surviving without a fully staffed office of employees. Today, companies are doing more than surviving. They are seeing increased productivity, improved morale, increased motivation, and the proof in the profit. Employees are able to devote more time to their jobs and less to their commute.

This seismic shift has brought with it some unintended health and wellness concerns. Many employees struggle with the physical and mental toll of non-ergonomic, make-shift workstations and lack of in-person interactions.

Recognizing the issue, Smart Commute worked with a certified physical therapist to create three short wellness videos to share with employees, addressing health and wellness concerns related to teleworking.

Tips to Help You Telework

Ergonomics Tips for Teleworkers
Physical Wellness for Teleworkers
Mental Wellness for Teleworkers
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