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Walking Speed

Your personal walking speed can make a big difference in how “walkable” your next destination may be. You may have heard “3 Miles Per Hour” when talking about walking speed, but it’s actually very personal.  It is also easy to calculate and a great way to start looking at replacing car trips with your own two feet.
What is your walking speed?
  1. Find a straight path with something in the environment that can act as a gauge or ruler (like a sidewalk line)
  2. Start timing yourself for 10 seconds, then stop.
  3. Measure the distance you crossed in the 10 second period, in feet. X = # Feet Crossed in 10 Seconds
  4. Take the distance you crossed in 10 seconds (“X”), and multiply it by 360.  Then, divide the product by 5280.  This number is your walking speed in miles-per-hour. [( “X” x 360 ) / 5280 ] = Your Personal MPH
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