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Commute Trip Reduction program (CTR)

What is an CTR? It’s the first step in reducing traditional drive-alone transportation for your workforce. We enjoy collaborating with employers looking to shift commute trips from drive-alone into other modes.

CTRs can draw from a wide variety of strategies, from information-based, to encouragement, to incentives. The Smart Commute CTR Process:

  1. Start with analysis in order to narrow the field of potential strategies, and determine which will be most effective.
  2. Lay out the benefits of increased travel options to your commuting colleagues, like less stress and cost savings.
  3. Provide choices to employees so they can find something that works well for them.

Having a solid plan in place also benefits employers. With an operationalized CTR, you may be able to reduce leased parking or free up more space for parking customers. Offering employees travel choices also tends to reduce turnover. The benefits are boundless.

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