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On-Site Assistance

Smart Commute likes meeting commuters where they are – on the job.  How would you like us to engage with your employees?

On-Site Presentations – Our on-site presentation templates allow us to easily participate in your educational opportunities, like your next brown-bag luncheons.

Walking Presentation – Custom-tailored to your worksite, your employees will learn more about their unique on-site options, and you’ll find another way to increase engagement with your wellness programing.

Virtual Presentation – Supplementing our on-site support resources, by leveraging technology, we can present to a distributed workforce.

Exhibiting – Let us be a part of your next big event as an exhibitor. We’d love to table at your benefit, wellness, or other employer-organized fairs to engage with your employees.

Content – Need educational materials? We can provide a variety of flyers to pique interest for commuting options and programs.

Pre-Written Communications – Need content for your company-wide email? Let us provide pre-written blurbs highlighting different commuting options and how your employees can learn more.

On-Demand Video Content – Entertain and educate your staff with our ever-expanding video library of resources on our YouTube channel. 

For more information, or to get started, submit the form below.

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