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eBike Program 

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Smart Commute, in partnership with RTD, the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), Colorado Communities Action Association, Broomfield, and Northglenn, is providing electric bikes (eBikes) for qualified residents in Adams and Broomfield Counties. The Program is designed to demonstrate that eBikes are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips around town. Program participants receive an eBike and accessories in exchange for using them to commute to work and run errands around town. As part of the program, eBikers provide trip data using a phone app developed by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).


An electric bicycle, also known as an eBike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor used to assist propulsion. There are various classes of eBikes, dependent on the power assistance provided. Smart Commute’s Program uses Class I eBikes, which means they are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20mph. Learn more about the health benefits of eBiking from this European-based eBiking Health Study.
The program started in 2021, with final eBike deployments planned for Spring 2024. Smart Commute uses a “loan-to-own” model, where participants are loaned an eBike and basic accessories for 90-days to see if eBiking is a good fit for them to get to work and run errands around their community. If eBiking is a good fit, and participants have been labeling their trips via the program app at least 75% of the time, they get to keep the eBike and accessories — free of charge — provided they continue contributing trip data through September 2024. Any returned eBikes and accessories are redeployed to qualified applicants on the waitlist.

Use your eBike to commute to work and for most of your around-town trips, secure and maintain your eBike properly, provide trip data and survey responses about your eBike trip experiences.

  • Must make $35,000 or less annually.  There is some leeway for the income requirement but requires State approval.
  • Must live in Adams or Broomfield and work in Smart Commute’s service area, ideally living within a 10-mile radius of worksite.
  • Must be willing to use the eBike for commutes to work, and other trips around town. *
  • Must be willing to actively record trip data using the NREL phone app.
*Work may include a verified volunteer position and referrals through a workforce business agency. 
Yes, Smart Commute has some limited funding to support participants with adaptive equipment for special needs.

There are other programs in Boulder, Denver, Durango, Fort Collins, and Pueblo.  If you are interested in eBikes and live or work in one of these communities, drop us a note and we’ll connect you to the appropriate program!

Check out the Colorado Energy Office’s eBike Rebate Program page here!

If you’re interested in applying but have questions, please fill out the contact form below:

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